Defence sector

IRELEM, designs and develops video recording terminals for child hearings which is unique in France.  
IRELEM’s mobile touch sensitive audio visual recording terminals  were developed in response to a French law and to meet the needs of the French child protection charity “La Voix de l’Enfant” who asked IRELEM’s team to use their expertise to develop and install specialist recording equipment in 45 forensic units in France.
Audio-visual recordings mean that the child is spared the trauma of having to repeat his/her account of the events. The verbal account, the attitude and behaviour of the child and the neutrality of the interviewer are all recorded and safeguarded for future use in the proceedings.


We believe that the question concerning hearings is so important that it’s impossible to take the risk of using faulty equipment.

What are the advantages of IRELEM’s video recording terminals?

  • A single testimony, multiple uses– the audio-visual system means that the child will not have to testify more than once and will do so in a “safe environment”, the child’s account, his attitude and his narrative will all be recorded in one go but can then be used in later proceedings

  • Guaranteed neutrality: the audio-visual recording means that one can attest of the investigator’s neutral behaviour during the interrogation

  • Inconspicuous: the camera and the microphone are discreet and the recording is made behind a one way glass window which hides the recording studio

  • Custom made and adaptable: each terminal can be built according the client’s specifications and particular requirements.

  • Quality – IRELEM’s technology is very reliable and robust with a  very low breakdown rate

  • Ease of use – all terminals are developed to make them very easy for all to use and does not require any technical training

  • Flexibility – IRELEM can make 100,200 or 300 terminals to order and to short deadlines

  • Experience -  IRELEM is a company of 40 years existence in audiovisual industry