audiovisual recording terminal

Audiovisual Recording Terminal


We have designed and developed a video recording terminal (BETAM terminal) which is unique in France. The National Gendarmerie possesses more than 300 BETAM terminals and the association “La Voix de l’Enfant” asked IRELEM team to use its expertise to install specialist recording equipment in the 45 forensic units in France. 

Thanks to our expertise in AV technologies, we also deliver audio-visual terminals including videoconferencing to be used in the health sector.


How does the system work?

  • The system uses an interview area which is especially adapted for under-age victims. The young victim is settled into a pleasant, brightly decorated and simply furnished environment containing a coffee table, a red bench and shelves with an array of toy.
  • The police officer sits next to the victim and explains what is going to happen during the interview and points out the little camera in the corner, the microphone on the table and explains why there is a one way window.
  • The window serves to hide the recording studio which houses the BETAM terminal provided by IRELEM and the second police officer who will use the equipment to conduct and record the interview.
  • The interview time is kept short as 10-15 minutes is long enough for everything to be accomplished Behind the window the interview is recorded, everything is then written as an official statement and a copy of the video is kept on file as evidence and a further copy is made available to the magistrates.
  • Copies of the recording are burnt onto discs/DVDs, or stored on a network or an extractible hard-drive (According to specifications) to ensure that no data is kept on the hard drive.


What are the advantages of IRELEM’s audiovisual terminals?

We designed our terminals to meet following requirements:

  • Get a very high-quality picture and sound,
  • Use equipment extremely reliable and efficient, already tried and tested for many years in a situation,
  • Have a simple equipment use and requiring no special technical skill.