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    Audiovisual Recording Terminal

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Towards satisfying its customers,
IRELEM team tries its best to establish close relationships
with its clients by assisting them in choice
of innovative audiovisual equipment that best achieve their objectives.

Our core business:
Custom installer and AV solutions integrator

Founded in 1973, IRELEM has offices in Paris, Lyon, Chalon, Besançon and Dijon.

IRELEM has always been at the forefront of new technologies. As an AV integrator, the company is active everywhere there is a need for audio, video or videoconferencing expertise:

  • Museum scenography,

  • videotransmission in universities,

  • boardrooms and videoconferencing for companies and collectivities,

  • PA systems for house of worships, videowalls, dynamic signage, auditoriums, concert venues.

We work with the world’s most exciting audiovisual technologies to create remarkable environments from boardrooms, meeting rooms and reception areas to public areas, training venues, conference centres and auditoriums.


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According to our team, visiting ISE Show at Amsterdam, OLED technology is the next step in the evolution of the display. LG have recently massively increased their investment in such technology to propose a large variety of curved, transparent, and very thin screens.

Just have look:

OLED LG Monitors - Irelem from TEAM IRELEM on Vimeo.